ㆍ1~2 Dry Clean recommended of first purchase.
ㆍThe washing maximum temperature 30C,
    hand wash or in very mild cycle.
ㆍDo not expose to water too long.
ㆍFlip around to wash, relevant to the bedding which has
    embroidery. (must zip up / button up to wash)
ㆍFully dissolve the detergent when washing the product.
ㆍAlkaline, acidity bleach, colourant prohibited.
ㆍPlace in shadow dry in cool place.
ㆍRegular ironing, steam or dry, may be performed at Low setting
    (110C) only.

Ramie & Hamp, Rayon
ㆍWash cold, Initial water temperature should not exceed 30C.
ㆍHand wash recommended, or recommend wool course
    when machine wash.
ㆍPlace in shadow dry in cool place.

ㆍDry clean only.

Guard from allergic reaction

Our products block away most of the bateria, mold and other micro-organism, which are the main cause of allergic reactions.

Hypo-allergenic fabric

The fabric protects you from contact allergy, atopic dermatitis or any other skin disease.

Restrict dust

We intrinsically made to restrict the dust being made while using our product. So it means there is less dust, less respiratory disease.

Enviromental, toxic-free material

We guarantee it is safe to you and your living enviroment by not adding any metal.

Gung bedding design lab believes that our bedding shall touch you when you see every stitches that the experts sew every single efforts they put on.

Bedding sets that we made is not just a product to cover up. We believe that when.

Design By Gung

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