Introducing Gung Beding Design Lab

01. CEO Greeting

Greeting to the visitors. I am CEO of Gung Bedding Design Lab, Yeon-Joo Lee.
Thank you very much for visiting us.

Gung Design Lab founded in 1993, based on the principle of providing high-quality bedding cover which contains classic Korean ancestor's handcraft technique, Taking over the family business in 2009, we continuedly engage on the research experiment to developed the intrinsic traditional style of gung's on the Modern life.

Therefore, you can expect a maximized harmony effect of traditional and new from our total-home-fabric bedding product.

First. we value the tradition of the Korean hand craft elements, we truly stitch the product with care.

Gung Bedding Design Lab do not mass produces the product, one specialist, with 20~30 years of experience, take charge of a set of bedding product.

Second. We aim to spread the Korean traditional beauty to the global market.

All products, designed in Gung, are motivated from traditional Korean imagination of natural pattern design. Therefore, the embroidery on the bedding design may feel like imperial royal family.

Third. We responsible for your night time in bed.

We strongly believe that your fresh morning is depends on how well did you slept on the good bedding. Therefore, we strictly uses natural fabric material to produce the product, which proven that is safe from toxic chemicals.

Combining tradition with modern thinking is our all-time agenda, Therefore, we are always discovering specialists and designers to produce visually gorgeous and technically comfortable beddings. With all these untiring effort, Gung is responsible for your health recovery & mind theraphy, fulfil your night satisfaction in bed.

02. Business History

Gung always intend to design good beddings that heals your body & heart, And make sure not losing our Original mind.

Business History

  • January, Gung[宫] bed Mokpo 6th branch grand opened
  • Gung bedding Project 04. Art Direct / Designed mattress & traditional bedding
    in Korean famous historical soap opera (MBC boadcasting company) "Flower in Prison"
  • Corporate juridical Korean wedding association selected us as "excellent enterprise"
  • Gung bedding Project 03. Participate on Design Drama props and Bed set "night walking classic scholar"
  • Member of "Huizhou 2015 Autmn & Winter New Product Release Fair"
  • Positive Comment on CNN "Breaking News" and being broadcasted
  • Gung bedding Project 02. Participate on Design Movie props and Bed set "Simple Generation"
  • Gung bedding Project 01. Design & supply contract made on GangLeung 6 star hotel SEAMARQl,
    in Korean traditional style room
  • Supply contract made and named as "the Korean beautiful bedding" at BukChon Korean village "Dam So Jung"
  • Swiss ISO9001, 14001 International qualification mark achieved
  • Certified by the design enterprise laboratory founder, Chair man of Korean industrial promotion society
  • June, Gung[宫] bed JeunJu 5th branch grand opened
  • June, Gung[宫] bed Ulsan 4th branch grand opened
  • January, Gung bed was named as luxuary wedding present bed in JTBC Boardcasting channel,
    "Guk-Jin Kim's site attack"
  • Introduced as "Well-being bedding" in SBS boardcasting channel, "eat goody live better"
  • March, Gung[宫] bed WonJu 3rd branch grand opened
  • Korean Economic new letter "HanKyong" selected gung as the best wedding present
  • Magazine "Queen" introduced the Gung bedding during the "top celebrity fresh wedding interiors" section
  • Augest, Gung[宫] bed ChangWon 2nd branch grand opened
  • Wedding Planner voted for the best wedding gift company in Korea
  • Made Monopoly contract & technique allience with the gobal firms, "CASABLANCA", "Milk Cotton" & "Bean Cotton"
  • The bride and the groom selected us as the best servicing brand and the most satisfied company from a survay
  • Bedding sponsor to MBC Korean soap opera "Korean Lawyer"
  • "Worldwide Morning", KBS boadcasting company selected us for thrift Wedding company
  • "Worldwide Morning", KBS boadcasting company selected us for Atumn beeding dessign company
  • Foundation of embroidery lab
  • moved Sewing factory to ChengDam
  • over take textile lab in Daegu
  • January, ChengDam Headquater branch open

03. Gung[宫] bedding ideology

Priceless Vlaue nevertheless the time,
a unique bedding design for one special person

One complete bedding, delivered to your hand, needs full 21 days.
Gung[宫] bed, is not just making a product, we expect touched feeling from you because of the pleasure your usage of our product for long time. Therefore, we do not ignore to have strict quality control and countless
testing process while we are producing our bedding.

04. CI Introduction

The First step to globalise Gung[宫] bedding

We will get rid of unnecessary obstinacy, and accept new technique and the new culture, remain in traditional but absorb the new as well.
Therefore, we change the logo design.

Meaning of coulor

meaning of Brand color

It’s the color between red and blue, and it’s the symbolism of dignity and nobility. In the ancient history of China, the colour represented emperor’s residence. Also in the ancient Korean myth, violet was a special colour. From the Korean myth, Park Hyeokgeose(the founder of the country Silla) came down from the sky in the form of giant violet egg. From the myth we can identify that the colour violet represented the sun and the royal authority originated from the sun. This idea passed on to the next generations and violet was chosen as the colour of emperor’s garment and monk’s robe in Silla and Goryeo Dynasty.

Out of red, blue, yellow, white and black, amber is the highest rank colour that represents honour, strength, wealth and widely spread ground. It was a valuable colour used by emperor which was restricted for general public use.

Symbol Mark

Original Mark

Design By Gung

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